Monday, 29 November 2010

Knee deep in Christmas trees

What have I been doing? Well first of all finishing of my pillowcase for the swap of course. It was finished last Thursday, but the postal workers were on strike! Luckily today everything was working again and I finally send my box to my swap partner Peg. So that was one challenge down. She has not received it yet of course, so no pictures.

Each year we make up something to send people by way of Christmas cards. We have a lot of fun designing it, talking about it, buying the necessary material, anything accept actually making them. That is why each year we start way too late, work our fingers to the bone and finish just in the nick of time. Each year we swear we will not be making that mistake again. No. This year we will start in June, well July at the latest......Guess what. We did it again. So for the last few days I have been knee-deep in Christmas trees! I haven't finished yet.......

Lots of little trees! It is almost a production line in my room. Great fun to do though!

Meanwhile out in the real world the weather has been changing. The rain stopped. It became really cold (-5) and today the long awaited snow arrived. It is only a few centimeters, but it looks beautiful.
It is also fun to realize I do not have to go out! So I get to enjoy the white splendor from a warm and cosy house!

How are your Christmas trees coming?

More soon,

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  1. Look at those lovely Trees....the snow looks lovely....I have finished yours as well....I must pop it in the post, will do that tomorrow...