Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fabricwonderland last part

Following the patterns for 12 months and patiently (HA) waiting for the new pattern to arrive each month. This quilt has had a destination ever since the centre block was finished. My mother decided that the quilt would be perfect for her bed. Since it was a big quilt, and the colours suited my parents bedroom and she (poor thing) did not have a quilt to sleep under! Well, who could refuse......

Finally time came to assemble the top (revealing the mystery). The top then had to sit in the "waiting room" for months. After sandwiching and quilting, the final touches are almost done.

Finding the perfect fabric for the binding and then making the binding. Thank you Francoise for your help with the selection of the fabric for the binding. It turned out great!

The binding......

Stitching it on.....
Thinking of a name for the quilt while sewing the binding. Finishing the binding was a two day job. Nice corny movie on the tv in the background and stitch away!

Then of course I needed to make the label (stitched of course). This also meant looking up the method for mitered corners (Yeah for YouTube).

 It was a first attempt, and so it's not perfect. I did however manage the last corner at least!

The quilt needed (really, really needed) a bath. It must have been all that time in the waiting room. Or maybe it was due to the fact that my cat believes anything inside the quilting hoop is her new basket........ Well, it held up in the washing machine, no bleeding!

And after all that, the quilt is finally finished. And - even if I do say so myself - it is absolutely beautiful!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday again!

And that means yet another stitchery block. It's a little like getting a present every week. This week it's the buttonhole stitch. I can't wait to get started.

I've invested in a beautiful Sulky pen, so it should be a lot easier to transfer the pattern to the fabric! I also bought a pack of vellum, for the same reason. I've tried both on another project I am working on (it is going to be a present, so no pictures!).

Meanwhile here is last week's assignment. The feather stitch, all finished!

Lots of love,

Friday, 26 August 2011


  • The new mystery starts in November and I really need to get ready.
  • The Fabricwonderland mystery is almost completely finished.
  • The Patch Parade mystery ends in October and I need (more) things to do.
  • I saw these fabrics weeks ago (and really liked them).
  • The fabrics might not be available for long.It would be such a shame to miss out.
  • The Quilterij (my favourite quilt store) celebrated it's 10th birthday.
  • Who knows when I can get back to the store.
  • I really, really wanted it!
All valid reasons right? I thought so. That is why I bought this beautiful box full of wonderful fabrics! The working title is Caroussel. The finished item will be (in my case) 2.40x2.40 m. That is all I know.......Can't wait to get started.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


French and colonial knot
Satin stitch

An update on the stitchery front. Be advised: It is highly addictive... It all sounds so nice. Just a piece of fabric and some thread and your off. Unfortunately in my case I seem to need ever more threads. I've been very good on the fabric front. That is to say, with stitchery purpose, not with all fabric.


So far I have learned seven different stitches and am working on
number eight.

Stem Stitch

There is a Flickr group where you can check on the progress of many other stitchers. Fun!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sweet pieces part 9

Yes, I realise I am behind on this one. Part 10 is already burning a hole in the box it is kept in. However, part nine is finally finished. I had to. My sister finished her top a few days ago and I could not stay behind. Anywho, here it is:

If you would like to see my sister's version of Sweet Pieces, you have to visit de Quilterij in Den Bosch, since that is where it lives for a short time. Once it is back with my sister, I'll sneak you a quick picture. My sister is much more precise then I am, so please appreciate this offer........

I need to add the chocolate curls (it is a sweet little quilt) and have it on good authority that little leaves of marzipan are to follow next month!

Lots of love,


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mystery part 10

I promissed to show of part 10 of the current mystery Patch Parade. I needed to find a clean surface. My office was out (no surface to be found, let alone a clean one) so I settled for a freshly painted wall!

So here they are:

This is the centre for the quilt. A little bit of the mystery revealed. It looks crooked, but - trust me - that is just because there is a light switch behind one side. Besides it is not ironed yet..... It does show how big this thing is going to be!

The flying geese have taken up soaring in formation. Not the standard V but in four straight (and for me that is somewhat of a miracle) lines. I sort of want to do a quilt consisting of only flying geese now....

One new block is coming next month. And after that the mystery will finally be revealed. I have some idea of how the blocks will all come together, but I'm not going to share that (in case I am horribly wrong).

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's been far too long I know

I blame J.K. Rowling for that...... Every free moment I have been enjoying the wonderful wizard world. But - and be truthful now - can you really blame me if you see this:
My cat didn't mind sharing her scratch pole with The Box....
That was - of course - not the only reason. No. My dear brother decided to bring back the books he borrowed.

In case you are wondering. Yes. That is a full grocery bag full of books. All these books too, needed to be reread. And what do you think? I still love them.

Now. Some quilting was done. Still on the Fabric Wonderland mystery. I need to quilt one more row and then it is finished! Well, the binding still needs to go on, and there is of course the label to consider.... No pictures of that WIP. I will post one when it is finished.

Stitchery turns out to be a lot more fun then I thought. I am managing stitches I have never heard of let alone tried! I've also managed to get my sister involved. She is starting soon, so watch out for her on the Flickr group.

I have more updates to share, I just need to take the pictures (and find a  clean surface to take those pictures). I will thus keep you waiting a bit longer!

Lots of love,