Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday again!

Starting with the basics!

My stitches are not equal or neat, but I'm happy with it.....
That means that there will be a new stitchery pattern waiting for me. Well I finished the first two now and am working on part 3. If you would like to join in for these lessons in stitchery just click the button below and get started:

Part 2, the backstitch

And a little closer look!

My biggest problem at the moment is the load of fun things to do. I would like to try it all. One idea I would like to share with you is the Pom Pom Bombing by Myrtle and Eunice. She has loads of projects like this on her site. Usually involving some sort of ladder climbing in order to decorate the world! 
Isn't it pretty. A winter tree!

Have a great day!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Patch Parade part 9.1

Part nine is finished. Well, the Patch Parade part that is. I still need to start making the sashing for the Sweet Pieces part. But I am on track there as well. The new pattern will not arrive for weeks yet.....surely, I'll be done by then!

8 just like this one!

Are they going to be stars, or stay triangleshaped. No idea.....
It is great fun trying to put all the finished pieces together. The puzzle is not complete yet. Guess I will have to wait patiently (yeah, right...) till part 12 when the mystery will be revealed by Francoise!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I will never learn

Yesterday I showed you my attempts at stitchery. I even told you that I would take a long break from it. Well, not so much. There is this wonderful blog I have been following for a while now Hugs from Helen. She started with a stitchery course a few weeks ago

Clear instructions, loads of information (so you know what to do) and a nice pattern to practise. Of course I decided to stitch along. I am just two weeks behind now. Probably because of the project I discussed yesterday!

I've also decided to quilt along with Amanda Jean from Crazy mom quilts. She is hosting this quilt along in celebration of her 36th birthday. Even if that is a (long) passed number for me. I will keep you posted on that one too.

I will keep you posted about my progress.

Lots of love,

Monday, 11 July 2011

Patch Parade part 8.2

Ooh yes. A new pattern for a new block. part nine is already in the house. I have cut the pieces already and am busy with putting the block together. Work in progress and I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the flying geese are ready to fly. Ironed, trimmed and all nice and neat in my project box. Granted, the only nice and neat thing about my messy workspace. I will have to get busy with cleaning this room, I really should. The piles of stuff are even showing in the pictures..... Let me just get some of it out of the way and make some new pictures. Much better!
Lots of geese, ready to fly!

Moving swiftly on: According to Francoise we will not need the flying geese until next month, in part 10! Back in the box they go!

Have fun!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Oooh the joy of stitchery!

Joy being only slightly overstated. I love to see stitchery blocks and projects in general. I really do. This gives me the - totally misguided - notion to make things myself. Not hindered by any actual knowledge of the process I bought a pattern by Lynette Anderson. In truth, it is a wonderful design. It contained patterns for a bag, a needle book, scissor keeper and even one for a tape measure keeper. Great. Time to get started.

Who could resist?
I decided to make mine from leftovers from a quilt I made last year. So a little search and rescue was in order. I traced the pattern on some fabric, which took a long time. That is what happens when you do not read the instructions. Had I read the instructions, I would have known that the patterns were transferable..... Just a quick iron and presto the pattern is on the fabric. Great invention.....if you use it! 

Detail.  Check the roses around the door!
It took me FOREVER to do the stitching! For some reason though I just could not put it away. 
The detail of the stitching!

Inside the needle book
So I moved on, slowly but surely and - I will tell you the truth - with loads of bad words. I even told everyone that was eyeing the project that I would do them serious harm if they asked me to make them one! Thing is, I am not a very patient person. I like things to progress.... doing stitchery I simply have to spend to much time on a square inch. Turns out, I do not like that..... Aah well, lesson learned.

In comparison the making of the bag and the needle book was easy. The pattern was simple to follow and both items almost put themselves together. I will be using the pattern itself again. 

I am very proud of myself, just for finishing two items! I don't even mind that there are a number of wonky bits and mistakes in the projects. I will however take a (long) break before I attempt the scissor keeper and tape measure cover.

Aaaaah, pretty!
I am just going to enjoy the bag and the needle book. 

Have a wonderful day!