Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bullion Stitch, blanket stitch and those other ones

I've made them, I really did. I just didn't get around to show them of. So here they are! The last three assignments Helen set us.

Blanket stitch
Chevron Stitch and Herringbone Stitch. LOVE IT!

I am really, really proud of my accomplishments with the Bullion Stitch. You wouldn't think I was a novice at this just a couple of weeks ago, would you?

I think it looks fantastic!

The last assignment came last Sunday. So there is still fuel to feed the addiction. What will I do after that one is finished.......

Lots of love,

Monday, 26 September 2011

A very late gift

The pattern that started it all......
I've told you about this one before here. Now, my sister-in-law has her birthday at the end of June. I did really believe I had enough time. However, I did not take into account that this particular quilt was my own design. I say design, but I really mean Sew-as-you-go-trial-quilt like-thing. That means a lot of ripping everything out and starting over.

Drawing done by my friend.
First attempt, NO!
Oops, there it is....
Very proud of the stitched wreath. Thank you Helen for the crash course and for the new addiction!
 I finally finished it this week. Only a couple of months late...... My sister is - reluctantly - holding it up for me. I ended up giving the advent quilt (aptly named "Het is bijna Kerstmis" or "It's nearly Christmas") to my sister in law on my own birthday. Luckily she was very pleased with it!

Lots of love,

Saturday, 24 September 2011

New project!

I've decided to give a longtime friend of mine a quilt for his upcoming wedding. He is getting married at the 11th of November (for those of you from the south of The Netherlands, yes he likes to celebrate Carnaval). It is a bit special because it is 11-11-11! For me, it is special too. I've known the groom since he was four years old, I used to babysit him, saw him grow to be a really great guy....He is a bit like my little brother.

Now I did know about this wedding for a long time. But for some reason I decided to wait until now to start working on their present...Don't ask me why. I have no idea. Ooh my......

 It will not be a difficult one, well by the looks of my drawing anyway. I've designed it myself and this time I really thought it trough....I hope.Lots of paperpiecing blocks. I've already drawn ALL of them.

Here are the fabrics. I always hesitate before I start cutting. There is something so wonderful about a nice stack of new fabrics. Mmmmmm. In the corner you can just see my cutting list. Most of the quilt will be done by hand, but I am planning to do some stuff with the machine this time. Again: Oh my!

I will keep you posted.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The dangers of quilting

 My cat loves relaxing, chilling and sleeping. Particularly on quilts I am working on. Be it fabric laid out for cutting or patchwork. Her absolute favourite place to sleep is my quilting hoop with the project of the time in it. This is why I have to fold my quilts around the hoop when I am not quilting.

She does look adorable sleeping.......
My little tiger......

 In this picture the dangers of her sleeping place become a little more clear. She is a lazy cat and that also means that she needs to watch her, well, size.....

I decided to keep watching her. She still hasn't woken up.....Quilting hoops are not hammocks and the top ring is really coming off now.

Here she finally noticed something fishy! Shortly after this picture, the whole thing (including cat) fell down.

Just to clarify things. Madam has a total of three baskets. All comfortable and kitted out especially for cats. She is also welcome to my chair and my bed. She is not a cat without options. This was a choice. I put the quilt back in the hoop and she decided to sleep there again!

Have a lovely day.
Lots of love,

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Patch Parade part 11

A new part of the mystery! Only the last part to go. Next month I will learn how to put all the pieces together to make a (large) quilt top. If I hurry I could be quilting by Christmas.......It was a lot of fiddly work this time. But they are finished!
We were also given a part of the mystery to put together. These blocks came from parts 2,7 and 8 and they make four of these blocks.

Have a wonderful day!
Lots of love,