Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The dangers of quilting

 My cat loves relaxing, chilling and sleeping. Particularly on quilts I am working on. Be it fabric laid out for cutting or patchwork. Her absolute favourite place to sleep is my quilting hoop with the project of the time in it. This is why I have to fold my quilts around the hoop when I am not quilting.

She does look adorable sleeping.......
My little tiger......

 In this picture the dangers of her sleeping place become a little more clear. She is a lazy cat and that also means that she needs to watch her, well, size.....

I decided to keep watching her. She still hasn't woken up.....Quilting hoops are not hammocks and the top ring is really coming off now.

Here she finally noticed something fishy! Shortly after this picture, the whole thing (including cat) fell down.

Just to clarify things. Madam has a total of three baskets. All comfortable and kitted out especially for cats. She is also welcome to my chair and my bed. She is not a cat without options. This was a choice. I put the quilt back in the hoop and she decided to sleep there again!

Have a lovely day.
Lots of love,


  1. I know this cat from personal experience. This is not a cat who takes ridicule in her stride. I was the one who gave her her first ever flea treatment and she still resents me! I have also seen the after pictures of the unfortunate quilthoop incident and I could not for the world contain my laughter. Needless to say the resenting me bit has not stopped......

    A very disgruntled auntie.......

  2. Hi Heleen,
    Just popping in to say Thank-you for entering my giveaway and following! Good Luck in the Draw!