Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm melting!

Well, not really melting of course. But I am slowly but steadily diminishing in size. The 17 day diet is proving to work (and be fair, not all diets do). And no, no pictures of before and after. I wouldn't do that to you. I'll post one picture when I am completely done (which should be sometime next year.....) of my new, fabulous body you understand....

I'm somewhat of an expert in diets.....tried them all and failed most. Remember the lemon juice with maple syrup....did that one, worked for a bit. Big side effect: I still cannot smell maple syrup without getting violently ill. The shake thing, it is still around. I did that one for a couple of months. Side effect: I just seemed to gain weight on that. South Beach, also tested. Worked wonders the first ten days. Then I was allowed 2 crackers a day and gained two kilograms that week. Side effect: HUNGER. Stopped that one too. Also did the bread diet....Remember, you could eat all you wanted one day and the day after you ate only bread. Well same results, except for the fact that I still love bread.

I in fact still love most food.....Not the real food, like veggies, but the really good stuff like chocolate, icecream, cookies and cake. Which is exactly why I needed to go on a diet AGAIN. The fact that I am in a wheelchair, can't be that active and have spent most of the last two years in my bed did nothing to help this situation, I admit that freely. But, the main contributor to my weight was really, well, me.

So now, I'm doing the 17 day diet.  (And before you read on, I am not being paid for this post. Even if I wouldn't mind that, really....) To my great surprise (and knocking on all things wood) it is going well. Really well. I have finished three cycles now, and without much effort or so it seams.

The book included lots of recipes (most are delicious) and lots of advice. It has become my constant companion. When I did have a question, there was an email adress and I had an answer that same day. A very friendly email it was too! Amazing.

The food is not always easily available here in The Netherlands, but there is enough choice to stop that being a problem. I have lost (very) nearly 20 pounds (9 kilo) in the last 51 days. Which is HUGE for me but unfortunately not enough.....not by a long shot.

So today I'm starting again. In cycle 1.
I'll keep you posted.

Lots of love,

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mystery Caroussel part 5

It was a big one this time. Really big. We had to make four (huge) triangles. It is always funny to try and imagine where the blocks are going to be placed at the end.....For this one, not so much. Sure. It could be two big starry blocks, like this:

But somehow, I don't think so.....I think we've made the corners for the quilt! Time will tell.

And then 16 of these:

And again. These could be two this:

But who knows. We will not know for sure until the very last part of the mystery in November of this year.

And then finally, for the little mystery there was a stitchery block to make.

So now, all I need to do is wait for next month's pattern. That I will be sewing in The Gambia if I'm lucky!

Lots of love,