Friday, 23 December 2011

The Christmas Rush.....

Merry Christmas!
Right. Last year I was knee deep in Christmas trees (and thoroughly sick of them too) a lot earlier. I vowed then and there that I would never send ornaments instead of Christmas cards again....ever! And if I did, I would start the new ornaments/christmas cards in July. But did I.....


Of course not. So now, I've just finished the latest bad idea! The little snow man....nice idea right? We were forced to send them out in batches, so that some people would actually receive our wishes before the long awaited day itself.
Lots of different ones too!
Thing is, we did not really think this through. Oh, we did think about the embellishments and the pattern for the hats and the bells for the nose. We just didn't think about the fact that they actually needed to fit in an envelope and be sent via the postservices.....

Ah, well. It will work! Probably!

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody and 
try not to get caught up in the rush!

Lots of love,

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas market

You've heard me talk about my nieces and nephews before....This post is all about my second niece. A twelve year old tomboy. Very different from her older sister (my godchicken). She plays hockey with a vengeance and is very, very good at everything she does. She is also absolutely gorgeous. Always has been, bar the two weeks after she was born....but since that time, fabulous. Like a little angel. Now she has been introduced properly, without any is what I wanted to tell you.

Emma had her first year christmas market yesterday. Her school lets the first year students organise one of these markets for charity each year. Emma made a point of inviting me, made me feel all special and auntie-like. Of course I had to attend. Mainly to see this little Christmas elve preform a song she had written herself. And yes, she is that talented!

Christmas nails!
The market was very busy. Lots of people with that proud look in their eyes that says: See that one....that's mine! There were a lot of fun things to do. Check out my nails! Done for only € 0.75! Great value. I also bought some lottery tickets for just € 2 and won a HUGE box full of goodies. My night was definetely going well! And then.....she took to the stage! Strapped on her electric guitar and just went for it. She was absolutely brilliant! Truely!

Rock chick in the making!
Keep in mind that these pictures were taken by me....weepy eyes and all. Because that is what I do at these things. I cry my way through. With all of them. Ballet recitals, holy communions, baptismes, school plays....even hockey games. I see them in all their concentration and beauty of being and I cry. They are used to it though, so it usually just makes them smile.

The most special thing about it all. She is twelve. Usually the age that you cannot (REALLY CANNOT) embarass them in public by oooh, say hugging or any kind of touching. This night.....she allowed me to do both, lots of public. My Christmas present! I loved it.

Lots of love and tissues to you all!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mystery Caroussel part 2

I've finished early! I've cut and pieced a lot. At least, it feels like a lot. This month's assingments:
16 blocks like these.
All 16 together....

AND 136 pieces to cut from the background fabric

And then, there is the little mystery. I'm behind! I've finished part one, two of those lovely flowers!

For part two I need to start the border.

Lots of love,

Monday, 12 December 2011

A birthday in the family

This time it was my nephew's turn. He is getting big! This picture of Mathijs was taken by his father, during the kids party. He was in awe of the owls. Isn't it a beautiful kid? The owl is handsome too, in a spooky way. There were five owls in attendance.....and not one of the visitors ran! I would have, probably!

Now, in true teenager style. His birthday wishes consisted of MONEY! So, as his auntie, I have to obey that wish....I did include something in my style. Not so bad-ass, though....

I wonder if he likes it, tough guy that he is.

Lots of love,

Friday, 2 December 2011

A little bit of sunshine

This morning I opened the curtains and was greeted by darkness and rain. It staid grey and wet during the morning. And then, completely unexpected the sun came out! A wintry sort of sun of course but what a difference that little glimpse of sun made to me.

So now, I'm off. See if you can guess what I am going to do!

Hints: That is my quilting space, the newly arrived pattern for the second part of the mystery and a huge cup of tea!

Lots of love,