Thursday, 31 May 2012

The upside of being extremely messy?

Easy. You lose stuff. Lots of stuff in fact. Usually this is not really an upside I agree. Especially since losing things all the time also means a load of running around in a frenzy, screaming at everyone else,  trying to find it.

Sometimes you lose stuff that you really need. Stuff that needs to be replaced. That can only be remedied by one thing: 


Since I do most of my shopping online now, there are no bad salespeople, no unclear, stinky stuff on the things I want to see and no parking wars. Shopping is really therapy this way. 

My reward?

A brand new, shiny camera! Doesn't it look fabulous? Thanks to the price-checking-thingy on the web at the lowest price! How good can it get? Now I just need to take out the book and see how to operate it. 

Watch this space for all the pictures I am going to post. I need to, since I did do a lot of stitching and quilting while I was running around in a frenzy, looking for the loader cable of my old (pink) camera......

Lots of love

Monday, 7 May 2012

What to say....

Well. I am back. Have been for some time even. I just needed some time to think about what to tell you about my fantastic holiday to The Gambia. Because it was. It was short, yes. Only 8 days. Unfortunately my camera decided to give out on day two, so almost no pictures (and believe me, that might be a blessing!).
Lunchtime views

I did have a load of stuff to do for the Second Home Foundation (self-afflicted of course). I was completely ready to get to work and make sure that everyone was getting to work as well. In other words, I went to kick !@#. That lasted until the airplane doors opened and I felt the warmth and smelled The Gambia. I felt like a load was lifted of my shoulders. It felt like coming home, after a long, long time. Still, I managed to do all the work and more. But that was during the day and I am planning to shed some light on the less serious....... If you want to read more about the serious part, check my report. Here for the Dutch version and this one is in English.

The nights - however - were a completely different story. Let me be clear upfront. I do not drink. Ever. Really, never. This week I did. Lots and lots and lots. Pear pressure and that, you know...... :-).  I was started off on Sambuca. Those of you that have drunk this, you know all about it. The ones that haven't. Try it, definitely try it. It all went down hill from there.....

We found the perfect hangout. A place to meet friends (old and new), eat and YES....drink. I was spilling a lot (and being made to wash the tablecloth), breaking glasses (lots of threats of being hit with a big stick......).
Big stick.....

I even belly danced one night......But mostly we had a ball. It was one big party, every night again. Lots of great food, lots of drink and loads and loads of sheer, unadulterated fun.Given the chance, I would go back today. For the foundation, of course....but also for the sunshine, the people and the fun.

For now, it is back to the more serious life.

Lots of love,