Thursday, 31 May 2012

The upside of being extremely messy?

Easy. You lose stuff. Lots of stuff in fact. Usually this is not really an upside I agree. Especially since losing things all the time also means a load of running around in a frenzy, screaming at everyone else,  trying to find it.

Sometimes you lose stuff that you really need. Stuff that needs to be replaced. That can only be remedied by one thing: 


Since I do most of my shopping online now, there are no bad salespeople, no unclear, stinky stuff on the things I want to see and no parking wars. Shopping is really therapy this way. 

My reward?

A brand new, shiny camera! Doesn't it look fabulous? Thanks to the price-checking-thingy on the web at the lowest price! How good can it get? Now I just need to take out the book and see how to operate it. 

Watch this space for all the pictures I am going to post. I need to, since I did do a lot of stitching and quilting while I was running around in a frenzy, looking for the loader cable of my old (pink) camera......

Lots of love

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