Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Carrousel Mystery

November signals the start of a new mystery by Fran├žoise Maarsse from the excellent quilt shop De Quilterij in Den Bosch. Having finished two mysteries already I know how this works. The pattern also includes a mini mystery each month. More fun!
Home sweet home


Now, I was busy and could not start the assigned blocks immediately. That did not sit right with me. I wanted to get started. The fabric was almost jumping out of the box, couldn't wait to get sliced in to little pieces....and who am I to say no!

So, in the midst of everything going on here I was fondling fabric, taking my time to choose the right combination, marvelling in the colours and designs.....aaaahhh heaven! Eventually I managed to get the blocks for the big mystery done. That includes 8 x 18 triangles I had to cut...no idea why but no doubt I'll find out next year!
Block 1 - times 8
 Just in time, because on Thursday the new pattern will be in the mail and we start all over again!

All the little pieces.....
Lots of love,

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Always nice to give something away right? Since I started with the stitchery madness, I find great excuses to stitch. Any reason will make me reach for my - stitched of course - bag full of supplies.....

A few examples:
Excuse 1: A great free pattern and a friend that deserves a thank you!

Excuse 2: A friends granddaughter in desperate need for a quilt (according to us of course). My mother wanted to finish it before her birthday. I quilted the outer border and took care of the binding and label, to help her finish in time. Reports that have reached us since, Sarah guards her quilt and takes it everywhere. Exactly what we wanted!

That was not all I did......not by any means: There was more stitching (no pictures....no time to take them!), the wedding quilt to finish, another friend needing a binding for a quilt, the first block (times 8, pics to follow soon) for the new Mystery (while piecing together the last mystery, haven't finished that yet) I was block head for the yearly Diabetes Fund collection (lots of phonecalls and counting money \0/). and most importantly loads of great ideas and tutorials on all the blogs I needed to read!

Now things are calming down a bit!
Lots of love,

Thursday, 24 November 2011

It is finished!

I knew that the wedding quilt would be hard to finish in time. I didn't finish in time for the wedding. Not a problem. It was a wonderful day. With a fairytale bride and a handsome groom. Both were extremely joyous and looked, well ... simply infinitely happy!

Lucky for me, the happy couple departed on their honeymoon shortly after the wedding. That gave me an extra week! I finished the top and sandwiched the quilt on Saturday the 12th. I have been quilting non-stop this whole week and I will not show you my quilt fingers since I do not want to gross you out, but now: I'm done!  The quilt went in the washing machine (had to....my cat "helped" throughout the process). Which was a  belly churning moment (there is a lot of red in the quilt......). But all was well when I opened the washing machine (YEAH).

 They arrived home last Sunday and today I was finally able to give them their quilt! He looks happy don't you think?

By some stroke of luck I actually chose all the right colours for this quilt! I have never seen their home or furniture, (they live on the third floor and no elevator) but it turned out to be red!

I wish them a long and happy life together!

Lots of love,
the label 
Stitchery block

The whole quilt