Saturday, 26 November 2011


Always nice to give something away right? Since I started with the stitchery madness, I find great excuses to stitch. Any reason will make me reach for my - stitched of course - bag full of supplies.....

A few examples:
Excuse 1: A great free pattern and a friend that deserves a thank you!

Excuse 2: A friends granddaughter in desperate need for a quilt (according to us of course). My mother wanted to finish it before her birthday. I quilted the outer border and took care of the binding and label, to help her finish in time. Reports that have reached us since, Sarah guards her quilt and takes it everywhere. Exactly what we wanted!

That was not all I did......not by any means: There was more stitching (no time to take them!), the wedding quilt to finish, another friend needing a binding for a quilt, the first block (times 8, pics to follow soon) for the new Mystery (while piecing together the last mystery, haven't finished that yet) I was block head for the yearly Diabetes Fund collection (lots of phonecalls and counting money \0/). and most importantly loads of great ideas and tutorials on all the blogs I needed to read!

Now things are calming down a bit!
Lots of love,


  1. Mag ik je heel hartelijk bedanken voor het belangrijke vrijwilligerswerk dat je doet voor de Diabetes Stichting. Ik ben zelf pre-diabetes en ik gebruik heel vaak hun website met uitgebreide informatie over hoe om te gaan met pre-diabetes.
    Bedankt...fijne mensen wonen in dat kleine Kikkerlandje!

  2. The quilt is a BEAUTY. Lucky Sarah...