Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas to all!

I have been doing lots of stuff lately. I finished the blocks for the second part of the mystery, I made needle books for four people, a pin cushion for a friend, a pillow case, little and big scented hearts (tutorial by Dutch Sisters Easy Valentine ).

Unfortunately I cannot show any of my own pictures of it. I have misplaced the cord to juice up my camera.....I have been looking for it everywhere! It seems to have gone where all stuff in the house randomly disappears into. This means of course that somewhere in my house there has to be a one-legged (socks), long haired (hair elastics), constantly sniffling (handkerchiefs), ink-addicted (pens) person, that has now become interested in electrical stuff as well. Do you have one of these at home?

Anyway. We are having a white Christmas here. Lots of snow (20 cm in the last 5 hours) and ice. Just the way it should be. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a picture here.....

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, 
may all 
your wishes be granted!

Lots of love,

Friday, 17 December 2010

Almost a miracle day

It was a day filled with little miracles today. First the world turned completely white with loads of snow. All the bushes and trees outside are wearing white fluffy hats and it looks truly beautiful.

The second amazing event was a visit from Sjefke. Now why is that amazing? Sjefke is a baby donkey, only three weeks old. He lives on a farm that is owned by good friends of mine. Since I have been sick, I could not pay them a visit to celebrate the birth of this gorgeous boy donkey. Kees (his owner) decided that if I did not come to him, he would just bring the baby to me. So we had a baby donkey in our hallway! He was not fazed by this at all. He walked through like he belonged. His enormous ears and his silky, spotted coat where stunning in real life. Meanwhile his mother was still in the trailer making loads of noise. People walked by looking really stunned about the long and loud IIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAA. Of course my camera was empty, but luckily pictures have already been posted on Facebook (Sjefke on Facebook), just click on the link and you'll find much more pictures of him and his mother Majolica.
Sjefke during his appearance at a school earlier today

What a boy!
As everything seems to happen in three, the third little miracle. Our dog Sara got really, really sick very very fast. We called the vet, had to bring her over immediately. We all were convinced that we would not see her again, she was that sick. She couldn't walk, her eyes were rolling back. It was horrible. However, arriving at the vets, madam stepped out of the car like nothing happened. The vet checked her thoroughly and diagnosed the event as an epileptic one. So we have our girl back, she is tired but happy. We need to watch her of course but for now, all is well. Hopefully it will stay that way!
The miracle dog herself.
More soon,

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Testing a site.....

We are making real headway with our new project. The man building our new website has been very busy indeed. The site is now being tested. That is what this post is all about. All the invited testers have been working their way through the included. The good thing about me testing is that if I can use it......everybody can!

The site looks very beautiful (of course) but it offers a lot of possibilities. All these need to be tested to see if they are easy to use, necessary and of course WORK! I have posted some random pictures below because I have no clue how to reduce the size of pictures any other way...... They are to become my avatars or (test) profile pictures.

The magical bean that never grew......

My lovely Sjorsje, just saying hello.
Just to thank you for actually reading this rambling I will keep you informed about the progress (after all no good deed goes unpunished...) and of course I will invite you all to visit this amazing new initiative for charities all over the world. It is really a wonderful site - or it will become that soon -  offering a great deal of opportunities for sharing, networking, finding and offering knowledge and much much more!

Watch this space (or rather this blog)!
My disgruntled cat in her onesy....

Much happier on the couch!