Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Testing a site.....

We are making real headway with our new project. The man building our new website has been very busy indeed. The site is now being tested. That is what this post is all about. All the invited testers have been working their way through the site.....me included. The good thing about me testing is that if I can use it......everybody can!

The site looks very beautiful (of course) but it offers a lot of possibilities. All these need to be tested to see if they are easy to use, necessary and of course WORK! I have posted some random pictures below because I have no clue how to reduce the size of pictures any other way...... They are to become my avatars or (test) profile pictures.

The magical bean that never grew......

My lovely Sjorsje, just saying hello.
Just to thank you for actually reading this rambling I will keep you informed about the progress (after all no good deed goes unpunished...) and of course I will invite you all to visit this amazing new initiative for charities all over the world. It is really a wonderful site - or it will become that soon -  offering a great deal of opportunities for sharing, networking, finding and offering knowledge and much much more!

Watch this space (or rather this blog)!
My disgruntled cat in her onesy....

Much happier on the couch!

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  1. Leuk dat je mijn blog bezocht hebt! Ik ben nog niet begonnen aan de Sweet Pieces. Ik heb nog zoveel ander werkjes liggen die ook aandacht vragen. Ben wel aan de acht nieuwe blokjes bezig. Doordat je geen achtergrondstof mag gebruiken zijn ze bij mij wel een stuk donkerder van kleur. Is er bij jullie ook zoveel sneeuw gevallen? Groetjes, Annemarie