Friday, 15 November 2013

You had a what?

I was supposed to go on a quilty retreat with my sister. Unfortunately, it turned out a little different. I had been feeling bad, since the day before. But I was not going to cancel our trip. Not bloody likely. 
My sister came to pick me up, looked at me and said. I am not taking you anywhere. The corner of your mouth is drooping down and you have a slurr in your speech.

So we called the doctor. He wanted to see me immediately. I still was oblivious of what was happening. My doctor thought "
it would be a good idea for a neurologist to take a look". Also fine. Then we could get in the car and start our journey right after that.

We didn't have to wait in the hospital. A doctor was waiting for us at the door and I was shoved onto a bed. With astonishing speed a load of tests were done. CT scan, blood tests, can you touch this, do you feel that.....

I had to stay. Just for the night. I send a whatsapp to my family, stating that the reason they were keeping me was purely to prevent any claims for damages in the future. 

They kept me on the stroke unit the entire night. A calm space. Lots of white. A place where you don't really know that time is still passing. A place where they could keep a close eye on me. Wires, sticky patches, things going beep and pling, blowing themselves up and deflating again. In the course of the night, some of the controls where reduced. All that noise did mean I could not follow their well meant advice (Get some rest).

In the morning, several people appeared at my bedside. The bed I was still nog allowed to leave.

I was still convinced that nothing serious was going on. They probably needed the beds filled and I was going home that day.

Then the neurologist came by. This was high, that was too low, the next thing not completely right and my mouth was still drooping down. She looked at me and very calmly and clearly told me: 

You have suffered a stroke. That is why your mouth is drooping and you have trouble speaking. 

I couldn't speak for a moment. This was not what I was expecting at all. I was not allowed to go home. I was going to have to be monitored. Perhaps tomorrow.

My parents came to see me. Tears started to flow. I could not explain why or why I  could not stop. I just wept. For a long time. And then I felt better.

Later that day I was moved to a regular ward. Thank heavens. Other colours then white. The nurses where great. I was even allowed to go to the bathroom by myself.

Peeing with the door closed. Bliss.

So I had a stroke. At 43. Tests are going to follow to see what happened, and where and why. I was allowed to go home on Wednesday, with a load of pills and appointments.

I am as well as can be expected. The droopy mouth is correcting itself. I do the exercises. Talking is only difficult when tired. Which makes everything difficult. Concentrating is very difficult too. Looking out the window is fine too. I am still very tired.

For the good news: 

I stopped smoking on Monday. It is now Friday and I have not smoked.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Happy mail

Some weeks are just amazing! I had gone to my hoard enabler last week. And before you start, I had to go! There was a new edition of Homespun waiting for me! So, I really did not have a choice.....

Now, that was a fun visit. I signed up for a new mystery quilt......My sixth one in a row! The latest one will end next month, when we finally get the instructions to put it together. So, you see....I did not really have choice there either! It provides me with at least on piece of great mail every month. Besides the fun of watching it come together of course!

When I came home there was mail waiting for me. Two envelopes! Both from THE STATES!


The first envelope contained my winnings from the Hexi Hop! Just look at those exquisite FOLDED hexies! Now, I have to find a tutorial to do that too! She even included a half hexie ruler! 

 Thank you so much Deonn! I absolutely LOVE my gift! I will show of anything I make with these goodies!

The second envelope contained a pattern! Another gift! This one from Vicky . I had commented on her entry for the Hexie Hop. I loved her pincushion. And she send me the pattern!

How sweet is that?

I also received an email this week..... I am being allowed to test a pattern! So a trip to the local fabric shop was in order there too!

All in all, I've had a fantastic week. When it comes to quilting.....there are enablers everywhere and boy, am I grateful for them all!

Lots of love,

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mystery time!

With all the sunshine that has been falling on us here..... I admit freely that the last thing I have been wanting to do was blog! I wanted to be outside..... stitching. I will try to keep you updated a bit more, though .... I think....

All these pictures show my progress on the mystery quilt by Françoise Maarsse. Find out more details here.
Still two more parts of the mystery to be revealed, but I am completely up to date now!

Four of these in total. Little borders.... but where will they go?

These are really hard to photograph! They are waaaay to big to fit anywhere!

All four together.... imaging half of them again, that is their actual size!
The garden fence isn't big enough

Where there is a quilt..... there has to be a cat, right?
My monster thinks so, anyway!

Four of these too.... borders again.

More to come in other posts! If there is any where you live, enjoy the sunshine and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Welcome one and all!

Sew we quilt

Especially to all you Ho-Ho-Ho hoppers! 

First a huge thank you to Mme Sam and Carol for hosting yet another fabulous bloghop!

So, I had been procrastinating. A lot. More to the point; I didn't feel like Christmas lately. So I planned a week. A week with nothing else to do then


I started by compiling a list of what I would like to do this week. This involved much research..... I read through a pile of magazines and books, while stretched out in the sun.

Of course, this was the week that a genuine heatwave smothered our little country. Go figure. But, who cared about that, when inside the snow was falling and the log fire was burning. Well, metaphorically that is. Not really! That would be silly.

Are you ready? Here we go.

All the completed projects in a huge pile!
Yes. All that in one week! I started of with some trees. Just to get in the spirit of things.

 After the trees, I had to add some mice.
 Both patterns were in a book by Tilda. Jul.

I love them!

Next came some birds. With bells. So they are pretty noisy! Five of them form the doorhanger.

Some Christmas baubles. I made four of these and they are HUGE! Both the birds and the baubles I found in Simply Vintage, the autumn 2012 publication.

Then, something to get the turkey out of the oven safely.... My own pattern (if you can call it that). There is a little bell on there, so everyone can hear when that big bird is done!

So, where there is an oven mitt there has to be an apron! I found an excellent tutorial for the apron here.

And then lastely, the board. This is another pattern from Simply Vintage. The mistake you can see was completely mine.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas projects. I know I did. Go and see all the other hoppers today and make sure to let them know how much you love their projects!

August 1

Lots of love,

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Christmas in July is mostly HOT!

For years I have been wondering what it would be like to prepare for Christmas in the smouldering heat. Well...... Now I am beginning to get a clue. It is mostly HOT!

I am participating in the HO HO HO Bloghop, that starts next week. After much procrastination and "I have to get started, but don't really want to", re-arranging and clearing out my craftspace, getting caught up on the mystery and the Sweet Hearts, I had no more excuses.

 I finally got to it.

I resolved to have a whole week with nothing but Christmas on my mind.
On Sunday I set in a deckchair with loads and loads of magazines and books. Sifting through projects and possibilities. Picking things to make. Making lists of stuff I would need.
On Monday I got started.

In the middle of a genuine heatwave of course!

Halfway through it now and today..... The felt t is coming out!

Come and check back next week to see what I did!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mystery part 6 AND 7!

Yes. I did that. Again. Not such a big leap this time, though. Part 6 and 7 comprised of much the same things! So, I finished them both. Loads of time left now...... The new part will not arrive until the beginning of June!

 This was the part that took the most time. Time to think I mean..... Or to procrastinate.... I was so sure it would not work, I could not get started.

But I did.

It was a "crown" for the outer borders! Appropriately I started the appliqué on April 30th. The day we got our new King!

I am incredibly proud of myself for pulling this one off! I was not able to appliqué anything round (or roundish) at all. And now this! I made 8 of these.

Four appliquéd hearts, these are beginning to feel routine!

And four more appliquéd hearts
 I did do a lot of counting during these assignments. I had to do 8 crowns. Each had 9 pieces (that had to be drawn, cut, basted, ironed, placed and appliquéd). That makes 71 pieces. Then there were 8 hearts to appliqué. (That is really easy for me now..... since the Sweethearts challenge is still alive and kicking!) That makes 79 pieces in total (since the background was already cut). And 104 triangles to cut.  So that makes a total of 183 pieces to do......

I wonder if I am the only one that does this? Really shameful is that I keep on counting throughout ..... (I did ___ so now I only need ___ more). Is that weird? Well, moving on.....

 I also did a lot of other things (of course). But I will save them for another post!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 14 April 2013


An update. I am still on track. One heart every day....well, not every day.. but definitely seven hearts each week. That means that (as of today) there are 104 hearts in the quilt-to-be.......

It is really growing fast!
Something is starting to happen with these hearts. They create conversations and swaps (ooooooh that is a nice fabric..... you know what happens) all around. In my direct environment (sister, mum, friends, neighbour, etc.) seven people have now hopped on the hearts train! I have no idea how many people are participating, but it would be fun to find out......It is becoming more and more fun. Should you wish to hop on board too, the pattern is available (for free) here.

I mentioned in my last post that I did a lot of stitchery. This one is - appropriately - named Sisters. I made it for my sister, it will probably become a pillow for her garden...... But I am not sure yet. The pattern was another freeby from Red Brolly. I love, love, LOVE that site....

Another completed stitchery. Another freeby! This one is part of a series. A quilt along, hosted by Shelly Pagliai. The blog focusses on the diary of Hazel Ilene. It is a brilliant read and some really amazing blocks. This is block 4 of the Summer Wildflowers. Find out more here

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mystery part 5 and other things

So, I'm back! I lagged behind for a while with the blogging thing. Then I made a bunch of pictures of the stuff I had been making and blogger wouldn't let me post (and brag) about it!

But some really clever people have been working on the problem and it is all better now! YAY!
So - finally - I can show of some of the things I made

This bag was super simple to make and is so much fun to use. The pattern was graciously provided by Bronwyn Hayes at Red Brolly. Please go check out her site. It is full of great patterns and ideas. You will thank me.

The next pictures are from the mystery. And yes, I am completely on track. I have already received part 6 and need to get started on that.
Four of these flowers.

These are the borders that will make this quilt 2.50 x 2.50 meters. -->
<--This picture shows the part I had to do this time (four times). I shouldn't have had to do all of that appliqué..... I however, made a mistake in part four and had to go for a do-over.......

There was also a lot of stitching (when you are checking out Red Brolly, look for the Easter sampler). I will get around to showing you all of it soon. I promise.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More sweet hearts!

Another challenge this year. Francoise was the inventor of this year-long thing. Following the houses that swept the quilting world last year, she came up with the Sweet Hearts. Check the link for all the information and even the pattern!

Much like anything else, I fell behind! Catching up seems to be my theme for 2013 and I do not like it! But - just like the mystery - I am now completely caught up and have made all my hearts! I even put them together!

I will be sharing the hearts each day via Instagram and Twitter.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mystery catching up!

I do know that the mystery starts in November..... It is just that for me, this mystery started half way through January! By the time I realised I was getting very behind, I had four (yes FOUR) parts waiting for me. That just meant one thing. Playing catch a BIG way! I am happy to report that I have now caught up and all four parts are done. They are resting in the pink box of mystery. Their home until November!

This year's mystery is titled Sweet Hearts. Who could resist that name? As I have proven, it is not to late to start the mystery. Check at Françoise's site for all the information.

So what did I do? In part 1 it was mostly prep. Cutting a lot of things and generally preparing for the appliqué that came in part two. In part three there were lots of little blocks to make and some more appliqué to do. Part four brought more appliqué and four borders to sew. It does not sound like much, but it took me a long time to get it all done. Some pictures of the results below.
Part three all 16 of them!

Part 1 - 4 Cutting, prepping and appliqué

Part four
I will try to keep on track and keep you informed on the progress of this mystery. And by the way, the other mystery is almost finished. All put together, well, it still needs two border put on.....I will get there!

Lots of love,