Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mystery part 6 AND 7!

Yes. I did that. Again. Not such a big leap this time, though. Part 6 and 7 comprised of much the same things! So, I finished them both. Loads of time left now...... The new part will not arrive until the beginning of June!

 This was the part that took the most time. Time to think I mean..... Or to procrastinate.... I was so sure it would not work, I could not get started.

But I did.

It was a "crown" for the outer borders! Appropriately I started the appliqué on April 30th. The day we got our new King!

I am incredibly proud of myself for pulling this one off! I was not able to appliqué anything round (or roundish) at all. And now this! I made 8 of these.

Four appliquéd hearts, these are beginning to feel routine!

And four more appliquéd hearts
 I did do a lot of counting during these assignments. I had to do 8 crowns. Each had 9 pieces (that had to be drawn, cut, basted, ironed, placed and appliquéd). That makes 71 pieces. Then there were 8 hearts to appliqué. (That is really easy for me now..... since the Sweethearts challenge is still alive and kicking!) That makes 79 pieces in total (since the background was already cut). And 104 triangles to cut.  So that makes a total of 183 pieces to do......

I wonder if I am the only one that does this? Really shameful is that I keep on counting throughout ..... (I did ___ so now I only need ___ more). Is that weird? Well, moving on.....

 I also did a lot of other things (of course). But I will save them for another post!

Lots of love,

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