Thursday, 25 July 2013

Christmas in July is mostly HOT!

For years I have been wondering what it would be like to prepare for Christmas in the smouldering heat. Well...... Now I am beginning to get a clue. It is mostly HOT!

I am participating in the HO HO HO Bloghop, that starts next week. After much procrastination and "I have to get started, but don't really want to", re-arranging and clearing out my craftspace, getting caught up on the mystery and the Sweet Hearts, I had no more excuses.

 I finally got to it.

I resolved to have a whole week with nothing but Christmas on my mind.
On Sunday I set in a deckchair with loads and loads of magazines and books. Sifting through projects and possibilities. Picking things to make. Making lists of stuff I would need.
On Monday I got started.

In the middle of a genuine heatwave of course!

Halfway through it now and today..... The felt t is coming out!

Come and check back next week to see what I did!


  1. Hi Helen today is your day for the hohoho blog hop...let us know when you are up ok

  2. Rats! I was popping over from the Ho Ho Ho blog hop to see your holiday lovelies...Sorry I missed you.