Saturday, 23 June 2012

Do you ever have enough pincushions?

Well, do you? I don't I can tell you that. That is precisely why I get all happy when I see a freeby pincushion. Especially when a needlebook is also in the mix..... Thank you, thank you Bronwyn over at Red Brolly!

So I dived into my stash to find some scraps to make the projects. And then - of course - found out I stink at round shapes. My inability to form a nice round shape does not limit itself to appliqué.

I did really love the stitchery and so I decided to cheat, like I do more often then not. I'm making a new one......square! Now I just have to buy some filling......Pictures later then.....

The needlebook was easy to make (because its lovely square-ness) and looks amazing.

Thanks again Bronwyn! You should really check her blog for all the great ideas!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mystery Carrousel part 7

Continuing the catch-up, part 7 is now finished as well! A lot - really a lot - of cutting fabric again. I think it is the shapes that are getting to me now. Turns out, I really like nice, square shapes. Easy to draw and cut. Maybe next time....

Since I hand stitch everything, it feels like I've been working on these blocks forever!

No less than 32 blocks this time! There was a choice this time, I could make four, eight, sixteen or all blocks identical. I made all of mine the same.

Some playing around with the blocks is allowed I think.....

The little mystery consisted of three appliqué and stitchery blocks. They still need to be joined by their friends from an earlier part. 

It is a good thing I'm done, since the new part is already on my desk! Now Francoise promised us an easy part 8. Aaah... unfortunately it looks like another full month!

Lots of love,

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mystery Carrousel part 6

After my little trip to The Gambia and all the work that came out of that.....I needed to play a little catch-up for the mystery. Part 6 took time. Mostly the cutting of all the pieces! During the piecing, I found out that I had cut some of the mirrored pieces wrong......sigh.

But - finally - here they are! All 16 blocks finished and ready to join all the blocks from part 1 to 5 in the box, waiting for the big reveal!

And, as always, there was a block for the little mystery as well! I think it is the roof of the carrousel....but I could be wrong of course! What do you think?

Lots of love,

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Appliqué phobic? Do what I do!

I am a self-confessed Appliqué phobic person. I've told you about this before here. All my round shapes automatically turn square or - even worse - some distorted triangle shape. So, what to do?

Simple. Just cheat your way through. 

Once upon a time I only used a blanket stitch to cheat my way through the appliqué piece. Not any more. Not since the very talented and generous Helen challenged her readers to stitch! She named the challenge Stitched Sunday. I could not resist.

Learning the stitches, while making beautiful things.......does it get better?

I started thinking: Why not use some of these stitches to make appliqué fun again?

Simply use your favourite sticky product to keep the shape in place (sure, you could go with pins, but why?), select your stitch and start stitching!

An even better reason to cheat? People usually don't realise I am cheating my way through the appliqué, they seem to think I am making a creative choice........Lots of applause.....for cheating!

Lots of love!