Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mystery Carrousel part 7

Continuing the catch-up, part 7 is now finished as well! A lot - really a lot - of cutting fabric again. I think it is the shapes that are getting to me now. Turns out, I really like nice, square shapes. Easy to draw and cut. Maybe next time....

Since I hand stitch everything, it feels like I've been working on these blocks forever!

No less than 32 blocks this time! There was a choice this time, I could make four, eight, sixteen or all blocks identical. I made all of mine the same.

Some playing around with the blocks is allowed I think.....

The little mystery consisted of three appliqué and stitchery blocks. They still need to be joined by their friends from an earlier part. 

It is a good thing I'm done, since the new part is already on my desk! Now Francoise promised us an easy part 8. Aaah... unfortunately it looks like another full month!

Lots of love,

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  1. Wat zijn het mooie blokjes geworden!Leuke kleurtjes ook! Succes met deel 8! Groetjes, Annemarie