Saturday, 2 June 2012

Appliqué phobic? Do what I do!

I am a self-confessed Appliqué phobic person. I've told you about this before here. All my round shapes automatically turn square or - even worse - some distorted triangle shape. So, what to do?

Simple. Just cheat your way through. 

Once upon a time I only used a blanket stitch to cheat my way through the appliqué piece. Not any more. Not since the very talented and generous Helen challenged her readers to stitch! She named the challenge Stitched Sunday. I could not resist.

Learning the stitches, while making beautiful things.......does it get better?

I started thinking: Why not use some of these stitches to make appliqué fun again?

Simply use your favourite sticky product to keep the shape in place (sure, you could go with pins, but why?), select your stitch and start stitching!

An even better reason to cheat? People usually don't realise I am cheating my way through the appliqué, they seem to think I am making a creative choice........Lots of applause.....for cheating!

Lots of love!

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