Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mystery time!

With all the sunshine that has been falling on us here..... I admit freely that the last thing I have been wanting to do was blog! I wanted to be outside..... stitching. I will try to keep you updated a bit more, though .... I think....

All these pictures show my progress on the mystery quilt by Fran├žoise Maarsse. Find out more details here.
Still two more parts of the mystery to be revealed, but I am completely up to date now!

Four of these in total. Little borders.... but where will they go?

These are really hard to photograph! They are waaaay to big to fit anywhere!

All four together.... imaging half of them again, that is their actual size!
The garden fence isn't big enough

Where there is a quilt..... there has to be a cat, right?
My monster thinks so, anyway!

Four of these too.... borders again.

More to come in other posts! If there is any where you live, enjoy the sunshine and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

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