Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mystery catching up!

I do know that the mystery starts in November..... It is just that for me, this mystery started half way through January! By the time I realised I was getting very behind, I had four (yes FOUR) parts waiting for me. That just meant one thing. Playing catch a BIG way! I am happy to report that I have now caught up and all four parts are done. They are resting in the pink box of mystery. Their home until November!

This year's mystery is titled Sweet Hearts. Who could resist that name? As I have proven, it is not to late to start the mystery. Check at Françoise's site for all the information.

So what did I do? In part 1 it was mostly prep. Cutting a lot of things and generally preparing for the appliqué that came in part two. In part three there were lots of little blocks to make and some more appliqué to do. Part four brought more appliqué and four borders to sew. It does not sound like much, but it took me a long time to get it all done. Some pictures of the results below.
Part three all 16 of them!

Part 1 - 4 Cutting, prepping and appliqué

Part four
I will try to keep on track and keep you informed on the progress of this mystery. And by the way, the other mystery is almost finished. All put together, well, it still needs two border put on.....I will get there!

Lots of love,

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