Sunday, 7 October 2012

I've been busy!

Yes, I have been. I've been working on part 11 of the Caroussel quilt.....not finished yet! But, if you can't wait for me, check out what it should look like at Fran├žoise. She designed the whole thing. And yes....she finished part 12 already! No pictures here, still just a pile of blocks! Gorgeous blocks, but still.....

I've also been working on the Wish quilt. Just the stitchery for now......I'm almost ready to start putting the blocks together. No pictures yet......but the link will also show you the whole quilt. You can still join in! Just hop on over to Bronwyn

Leafs Me Happy ScheduleAlso quilt related....I've been following a blog hop over at Cherry Blossoms. She is the official cheerleader of this hop. And an amazing hop it is! Not surprisingly, it lead me to a lot of new blogs to explore and loads of fun projects I will just have to try! Lots of great poems and saying about fall, giveaways and - of course - amazing quilting! The link will take you directly to the master schedule, so you can see what I am talking about. However. Be careful.....I've been experiencing some side effects due to bloghopping. You will find yourself cheering on all those quilters, so much so that you can't stop leaving cheery, supporting comments on any blogs, Facebook, Twitter and even in real life! I also experienced an awe for the season I normally detest! So, be careful out there!

In other news. The Antwerp to Banjul Challenge has started again. You can follow "our" teams over at Team Kalidoe. No less then four cars and one motor are driving all the way from Antwerp (Belgium) to Banjul (The Gambia). The vehicles will be auctioned off on arrival. All the teams have been working round the clock, to get as much sponsoring for the drive as possible. All that money means that the Second Home Foundation will be one step closer to its goal! Amazing.

This is Tonnie, in his other life also a board member of Second Home. Now he is a rally driver!
So, we just had to go say goodbye to them all...... in Antwerp! Great fun. 

On the same day my godchick - who is 15 already....- left for Bordeaux to spend a week with a French family in a school exchange programme.....She will do great (I've heard from her, the family is very nice and there is a two mile long shopping street)!

So that is what I have been doing lately..... I will be back soon with some quilt related pictures!
Lots of love,

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  1. At least we can keep track of her through the activity in her bank account, gnagnagna. One of the perks of being her parents. The house is mighty quiet without her, I must confess. Can't wait for Friday.........