Monday, 19 March 2012

Mystery Caroussel part 5

It was a big one this time. Really big. We had to make four (huge) triangles. It is always funny to try and imagine where the blocks are going to be placed at the end.....For this one, not so much. Sure. It could be two big starry blocks, like this:

But somehow, I don't think so.....I think we've made the corners for the quilt! Time will tell.

And then 16 of these:

And again. These could be two this:

But who knows. We will not know for sure until the very last part of the mystery in November of this year.

And then finally, for the little mystery there was a stitchery block to make.

So now, all I need to do is wait for next month's pattern. That I will be sewing in The Gambia if I'm lucky!

Lots of love,

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  1. Zo jij loopt goed op schema zeg. De blokken zien er allemaal mooi uit. En wat een flinke klus zeg dit keer. Ik was ook al aan het fantaseren of de grote blokken hoekblokken zouden worden... we zullen het zien. Vanavond ga ik eens starten met alles. Groetjes, Annemarie