Saturday, 21 May 2011

Calendar for Advent

My sister in law was admiring the calendar for advent that I made a couple of years ago. My dear brother complained that the pockets in that quilt were not nearly big enough to make this quilt interesting.... That was the start of my project. The December issue of the Quilters Gilde featured a lovely little Christmas stocking. Made with an easy paper piece method. I was looking for an excuse (any excuse) to make this little stocking and so I thought it would be fun to design a quilt around them. I should really have known better.

Almost the actual size! They were very fiddly to make.
A small sampling

I did not quite realise that I would have to make that cute pattern 48 times (to make the 24 Christmas Stockings necessary for Advent). The pattern very quickly became less cute. However, I finished all of them!

I roped a friend (that can actually draw very well) into making a drawing for my background ideas. She made a beautiful design for me. I ordered buttons to hang the stockings (arriving today if all goes well). I went to the fabric shop for the fabrics needed for the background and now......

Now I need to get started with the background. No excuses left. My sister in law has her birthday coming up. June 29th. More than a month left....I'd better get going!

Have a lovely day.

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