Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I am good at this, I am good at this, I am good at this.......NOT! I found out last year. I am completely and utterly useless with appliqué. Well, not entirely useless. As long as the shapes are nicely square I have no problems..... I get into trouble when the shapes are round. Trouble meaning that the nice round shapes turn square anyway. Strange corners emerge out of nowhere..... Well meaning people have tried to tell me that this is not that difficult, gave me lots of useful tips and advice. Unfortunately it all led to the same thing...... square round shapes!

So: Creativity also means finding ways around problems. Which I did. I accepted defeat and I just refuse to follow the instructions on folding the seams over, freezer paper, etc. I just use vlisofix and a buttonhole stitch to secure the item in place and all round shapes are perfectly round..... By using a big stitch and a contrasting colour for the thread it also gives the finished piece a different but nice look.
Just like this
The first row is finished, three more to go.....

And yes, of course I know these are just excuses for doing it the right way. I have convinced myself though! No more worrying about round shapes.

Have a lovely day!

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