Thursday, 19 May 2011

Catching up

Well finally a blog about quilting again. It is such a shame that I need to moan in it..... You see, this weekend I spent with my least favourite part of quilting. Sandwiching..... Before the quilt sandwich could be made I had to IRON the top and the back. Normally I don't mind ironing, but two big surfaces (2,40x2,40 meters finished size) It took me almost an hour and a half just to do the ironing... There really should be a better way to do this!

Now I do not know about you people, but my mind cannot stop coming up with thoughts at a time like that. There must be a service to sandwich your quilt for you...... Does every quilter hate this part? What would I want to pay for someone ironing and sandwiching....? I know that quilting services do exist (do not get that one myself....quilting is my favourite part by far) If anyone sees a business idea in this, please inform me. I will be your first client I assure you!

Hold on please, I am not done moaning just yet:

Because then of course I needed to sandwich the whole thing. First question was: Where? After a lot of debate (with myself....) I decided on the dining table, not big enough but I could slide the quilt across while securing. It took me just over two hours to get it done. About halfway through I ran out of safety pins, could not find the handy tacker device (@#$%^) and turned to using a (big) stitch instead.

And then HALLELUJAH finally, the fun part. I can start quilting. And it all melts away.....

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Hoi Heleen,

    De bedrijven die quilten op de machine voor je...kunnen ook alleen sandwichen.....en je kunt ook naar den bosch komen om het samen te doen!