Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday again!

Starting with the basics!

My stitches are not equal or neat, but I'm happy with it.....
That means that there will be a new stitchery pattern waiting for me. Well I finished the first two now and am working on part 3. If you would like to join in for these lessons in stitchery just click the button below and get started:

Part 2, the backstitch

And a little closer look!

My biggest problem at the moment is the load of fun things to do. I would like to try it all. One idea I would like to share with you is the Pom Pom Bombing by Myrtle and Eunice. She has loads of projects like this on her site. Usually involving some sort of ladder climbing in order to decorate the world! 
Isn't it pretty. A winter tree!

Have a great day!

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