Monday, 11 July 2011

Patch Parade part 8.2

Ooh yes. A new pattern for a new block. part nine is already in the house. I have cut the pieces already and am busy with putting the block together. Work in progress and I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the flying geese are ready to fly. Ironed, trimmed and all nice and neat in my project box. Granted, the only nice and neat thing about my messy workspace. I will have to get busy with cleaning this room, I really should. The piles of stuff are even showing in the pictures..... Let me just get some of it out of the way and make some new pictures. Much better!
Lots of geese, ready to fly!

Moving swiftly on: According to Francoise we will not need the flying geese until next month, in part 10! Back in the box they go!

Have fun!


  1. Gorgeous fabric in your flying geese Heleen...

  2. Your geese are beautiful! My geese are not ready for flying, yet...... I still have to plan some time to catch up with you!