Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mystery part 10

I promissed to show of part 10 of the current mystery Patch Parade. I needed to find a clean surface. My office was out (no surface to be found, let alone a clean one) so I settled for a freshly painted wall!

So here they are:

This is the centre for the quilt. A little bit of the mystery revealed. It looks crooked, but - trust me - that is just because there is a light switch behind one side. Besides it is not ironed yet..... It does show how big this thing is going to be!

The flying geese have taken up soaring in formation. Not the standard V but in four straight (and for me that is somewhat of a miracle) lines. I sort of want to do a quilt consisting of only flying geese now....

One new block is coming next month. And after that the mystery will finally be revealed. I have some idea of how the blocks will all come together, but I'm not going to share that (in case I am horribly wrong).

Lots of love,


  1. Wow, wat heerlijk fris, dat wit met fel roze. Je middenblok ziet er prachtig uit. En die rijen geeses, wat een vrolijk gezicht zeg. Als je werkelijk een hele quilt van vliegende ganzen gaat maken, ben ik benieuwd naar hun kleuren en vliegformatie....

  2. Het middenblok is echt prachtig! Ben benieuwd hoe jou Mysterie quilt er straks uit komt te zien. Groetjes, Annemarie