Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blogging and Mystery unravelled!

With the help of a friend I found out that keeping up with all the blogs I want to follow is easy. A feature on gmail provides an overview of the newly published blogs. The only down side is that I can't comment on the blogs......well yet. I will find out how that works to. The wonderful world of computers!
The same friend forced me to start using Skype. She is leaving for The Gambia soon and I need to be updated of course. With Skype (what fun) this is free and very, very easy. It is really a treat to find out so many new things from my bed! Another advantage: No holding of a phone, so all that important chatting can be done while working on a quilt (or something else to be fair, with me it will be mostly quilting).

And now, the mystery is unravelled! I finished the top of the Fabricwonderland quilt and it is truly fabulous!
Yesterday evening (late) I stitched the last piece in place! I am very proud of it.

It was a bit of a hassle to get the top photographed, after all the thing is 2.40 by 2.40 meter! In the end we threw it over the bed. It was dark mind you, the picture is not of the best quality. I just could not wait to showcase the top.
Even on the bed you cannot see the whole quilt top!

It is the first quilt I made with so many round shapes.With my sewing qualities it is a miracle that everything fitted so well. 

Detail. A whole row of stars.

Big stars on corners.
I have to tell you that I hand stitched the whole quilt. Yesterday I pieced the final borders in place. In total I stitched for 4.80 meters (in one day). My fingertips show all of that distance! It was all worth it though, I am very proud of myself. Now all I need to do is make a backing for it, sandwich the quilt, quilt, bind, fit the label and then I am finished. Which of course should be half way through 2011 (I hope)!

On Thursday I received the first pattern for Francoise's new mystery. It is called Patch Parade and the first block looks beautiful. You can check it out on her blog So now I get to rummage through those wonderful fabrics I bought months ago and start a new adventure!

More tomorrow.


  1. The quilt has turned out lovely. You van hardly see all the bloodstains......

  2. WOW...Heleen the quilt top is truly gorgeous...what a fantastic job you have done.....

  3. * zit hier met open mond*


    Groeten, Suzanne