Thursday, 11 November 2010

Pillow swap news

Sorry but no joy for this one. Into storage!
Don't panic. I am not giving any secrets away!
I have been very quiet about my progress with the pillow case for the swap. The thing is, I had a plan made and was working diligently on completing the project. The plan was fine, the pattern worked well. It was just that I did not enjoy working on it. Having experienced this before I knew something was not quite right..... Yesterday morning I was looking at the (almost completed) top and I just wanted to put it in a box.  So I made a decision. I am starting over.

I have selected a new pattern and new fabrics and I feel much happier now! So Peg this is the pillow case you will certainly not be receiving. You will have to wait and see for the next one!

More tomorrow,

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  1. You naughty girl....Heleen please finish it, it just lovely....I would love to receive this in the pillow swap....