Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New mystery

I've told you about the new mystery Patch Parade. I've been very good and finished the top of the last mystery first. Even though I was almost salivating at the thought of all those new pretty fabrics. I did not cave.

Before starting the block I have been pondering (quite happily) my full box of fabric and the pattern. Loedertje enjoyed this process too. She was happy to sit in the lid of the box, watching me taking up each peace of fabric at least a dozen times.

Happy days!
Yesterday afternoon and this morning I finally started ironing and cutting the fabric for the first block. This is actually the part I really enjoy. All the pieces in front of me and imagining what the block will look like finished. I found myself humming happily. Fine for me but not for anyone else since I cannot be trusted around music for any reason. In school I was even offered a higher grade in music class. The only thing I had to do for that was NOT SING!

All the pieces ready!

It took me a long time but now I have finished. All 172 pieces have been cut and I can start sewing.The block is going to be 60x60 cm, so it is a big one.

I'll show the block when it is finished!

Have a lovely day!

More tomorrow,

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  1. Beautiful fabric for the centerstar. Oh, the memories of your unique musicality. I clearly remember the day you told me you had started guitarlessons. Then you started playing a song on the guitar, asking me if I recognised the song..... Needless to say I did not (it was Happy Birthday, by the way).