Saturday, 20 November 2010

Poor Wiep!

Today is a bit of a day after.... The daughter of one of my fellow board members in Second Home Foundation was taking part in a big singing competition. It is called The Voice of Holland and  - to be totally frank with you - the whole show is addictive. I usually hate televised talent shows (such as Idols, Pop Start, etc.) but I started watching for Wiep (the daughter in question). You have to show support, you understand!

As it turns out the show is great fun to watch and it really had me on the edge of my seat. Wiep was wonderful. Unfortunately yesterday she competed for the last time. She was voted of the show. Totally unfair. Still her coach told the audience that she was going to make more music with Wiep and to keep our eyes and ears on this girl. It is sad to see her go. Check out her last performance by clicking here: Wiep during her last performance.

In other news the building of my sisters' new house has finally started. She is keeping a blog about her adventures. I borrowed the picture below. Well, stole it actually.... At the moment it is just a big whole in the ground but she assured me that next year there will be a beautiful house. OK. Good luck!

Petra and Kees are still in The Gambia. They have been moving house. Not with a truck and movers and labelled boxes.....No, this is Africa remember. They had help. A friend of ours arranged a tractor and 20 guys to help carry everything to the new place! I cannot show you a picture because they are having serious internet issues i.e. it is off more than online. According to Petra it all went fine. They have moved in! We will probably have to do it all again next year when we move into our own accommodation. I just hope I will be there to help this time around. Fun!

My life was just a bit more boring. I was working on the first block of the mystery......still! It is almost finished now and I hope to show you a picture tomorrow. I have also been working on the Christmas cards we are going to send out this year.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Hoi Heleen,

    Mag ik bij Marieke meelezen? Wat is haar blog?
    En fijn om te lezen hoe je tripje dinsdag is bevallen!