Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The good things in life

After all my moaning about the fall and the fact that I don't much care for it, now for the good things in life.

New plants on my window sill
 It always looks better when there are plants on the window sill. I love the red and green. It is reminiscent of Christmas. That way I remember to look forward to that too!
A stack of new books to read
 I bought these books online. Using a gift certificate I was given on my birthday. I love books and new books have a special charm. The promise of a new and fantastical story. A new world to discover, new characters to get to know.....Simply wonderful.
The ever gratifying Nigella Lawson
Do not underestimate the power that a good cook book has. I love reading the recipes and watching the pictures. Nigella never disappoints. This is her latest. I gave a copy to my sister for her birthday. She however is very greedy and mean and refuses to let me borrow it. In all fairness she has not finished it yet, so there you go. I had no choice but to buy a copy for myself!

Tonight therefore I will be tucked in, with a quilt of course, thumbing through the pages of my new cook book! There is just one word for that in my opinion: DELIGHTFUL!

Have a wonderful fall evening.
More tomorrow,


  1. Nothing like a new plant and a good book, looks like you are set Heleen...so did you find any good recipes..???

  2. From your mean and greedy sister....... Enjoy the book, Nigella has really outdone herself for this one..