Sunday, 31 October 2010

The box versus the basket

My cat is a joyful event in herself. When she arrived my mother and my sister immediately went out to buy the much needed cat supplies. She needed toys, food, a litter box, a brush, flee treatment and of course a basket.

This is madam's basket, with all sorts of toys
 The basket was not a favourite....she much preferred the bed, the window sill, the rocking chair or just me. I still had some hope though. She might just find the basket and the toys a good choice. No! Her favourite toys include pins, screws, pieces of patchwork, spools of thread and of course my hands. She does play with the Hawaiian flowers, but that is just because it is fun when you chew through the thread and all the flowers fly all around.... In the meantime she has found a good replacement for the basket as well.

Yes. It is a cardboard box. She is loving it.
After all winter is coming and you need a warm place to rest your bones! I don't pretend to understand her, but I do enjoy her antics immensely.

More tomorrow!

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