Friday, 22 October 2010


Summer is really over now. Looking outside the weather seems to know that too. In the last few days it went from hail (really, hail!) to rain to sunshine to windy to cloudy......Make up your mind! The tree outside my window is starting to lose it's lush green look. Truly a sign of summer fading.
Tree in the rain
The cat doesn't agree to the weather either. Loedertje has decided that all hunting - well if she is not sleeping that is - should be moved to the indoors. Much better than getting your feet wet. The fish are not to bothered about this. They even swim up to the surface as if to taunt the cat.

The central heating has been working hard to keep us warm and snug. Quilt projects are lying around, just waiting to be finished or started. Christmas is approaching. Snow may be falling soon. Baking, decorating, christmas cards, lots of nice gatherings..... A wonderful time, sure sure......but me I just have a severe case of the autumn blues. And to be fair, I am quit enjoying it really.....

Remember The Second Home Foundation, well the project is moving to a new (and better) house at the end of November. Two of our board members are flying out for three weeks! No need to get jealous though, they will have a lot of work to do! In the meantime a new child has joined the project. Her name is Binta Conteh, she is only seven. Her mother (who also had special needs) has died in an accident. Her aunt has been looking after her since. Her aunt has decided she cannot take care of the little girl anymore. Luckily we can and want to. She has settled in well en according to our manager Marie she is a very special, fun kid. Well, just looking at her all of us agree!
Isn't she beautiful!

More tomorrow,

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