Friday, 15 October 2010

Swap and other things

Today I received an email from my swap partner Peg. She has been blogging for a long time. Check her out on She has some truly stunning items showcased. I can't wait to start sewing on the pillow case!
Peg's blog!

I haven't made much progress on the mystery. I have been busy with the computer. The bad thing about reading blogs is that you find new blogs all the time. Curious as I am, I need to read them is starting to take a lot of time!

Also, a new initiative to make it easier for aid organizations to present themselves to the world is making huge progress. I am almost running to keep up with inventor Petra. It is going to be great. Make sure to check out the site and register any and all charities that need to be presented to the world.

For today, I am going to start getting fabrics together and find inspiration for the pillow case I have to send to Peg.

More tomorrow,

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  1. Heleen I am so excited we are partners...I have selected a design of what I am going to do for I am still deciding what fabrics to use....thank you for all your kind