Monday, 18 October 2010

Preparing for the next mystery

It is almost November. The start of Francoise's new mystery. I've already chosen my fabrics. They have been standing in their box for a while now. Every once and a while I open the box and just sit and watch them. It is very exciting.
My fabric choice.The background fabric is white.  Mmmmmmmmmm
 My sister Marieke has also decided to take part this year. Although she is very busy with the build of their new house the addiction to fabric won! Almost no pushing by me was necessary to make her join. Just a little nudge..... It will be fun to compare our progress. We also use each others talents shamelessly. Both quilts will be made by the both of us. Our own little bee!

My sister's fabric. Also wonderful.
I love the fact that in a little while I will have a big project to quilt and one to sandwich. Lovely.
If you want to take part, check out De Quilterij for more information.

More tomorrow,


  1. Sounds like fun.....and just love the fabric.

  2. A shameless plug for The Quilterij, and much deserved, by the way!!! All the pieces for part O are lying on my table, awaiting the arrival of the sewingmachine. I just have to find the time to get started.

  3. Ik zie hier heel veel bekende stofjes, liggen hier bij mij ook te pronken op tafel!
    Ben benieuwd wat voor moois je hiervan gaat maken.

    Groeten, Suzanne