Tuesday, 12 October 2010

It's not as easy as it seems

I had this idea. I was going to post all sorts of pictures today. Just to show you the cat, the quilt and all that ensues.... Unfortunately posting pictures is not as simple as it may seem. Now I have decided, after a long and very loud session with my computer, to try to simply copy and past.
Here we go, well that did not seem to work at all... Wait, wait. There is a button here that looks suspiciously like it could be....Yes result! It was not that hard after all. I just have to check out the buttons.....

Here are four pictures of my life:
This is my cat, Loedertje. I am trying to assemble a quilttop here. Unfortunately she is trying to sleep... Guess who won?

 Second one: This is Sjors. He has yet to accept a real life cat living in his house. This picture was made after him chasing the cat out of the room. He seems to be saying: "Don't worry, I think that got her!".

Loedertje again. This one caught her in the act of assaulting the fish. Do not be alarmed. The fish escaped without any effort and have since received a nice lid on the fish tank to protect them. Much to the dismay of the cat in question....

This is Saartje. Hard to tell from this one, but she is in fact a dog. This is basically her favourite position. Lying on my bed...The quilt you partly see on the bed is one I made. It was the Quilterij's Mystery for 2008-2009 designed by Francoise Maarse.It is called Home sweet Home.

More tomorrow!

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  1. You can scare the dog of by showing him a lightshade. They are especially frightening.......