Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Making your very own ironing mat

Both my sister and I were looking for a new ironing mat. She because of the big move. She simply could not find hers anywhere. Lost in all the boxes of fabric and stuff.....

Me because my darling cat decided the mat was much more use as a claw sharpening tool..... Strangely the manufacturers of this item did not take pets into account while designing their mat. Ah well, it was an oldy anyway. Time for a new one!

Looking for prices (expensive!), delivery times and measurements (not what we wanted) we found several tutorials for making one ourselves. We chose this tutorial from Little birdie secrets. It sounded like fun, so we ordered materials instead of a completed mat. On Thursday we planned our quiltdate and got started.

Even if some people (I won't name names, but you know who you are) have a complete disregard for the diet the other person is on....
It was really easy work..

My sister has no fear of the machine....

I have no fear of ripping stitches....

The sun was shining with all it's might, so we could do some of the glueing outside! Even the fact that - yes - we did have to rip out some stitches at some point (we decided to use regular binding next time we do this), did not really matter that much!

After stitching the binding, we now have two completed, (almost) identical ironing mats. Lovely!

It folds away!


Lots of love,
Heleen and her sister!

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  1. We did NOT touch the candy! It was a lovely project with a very nice result. Thanks to Little Birdie Secrets I will be quilting in no time.