Monday, 23 July 2012

A birthday gift from years ago

Back when I just started quilting - which is 6 years ago already, jeez..... - I was given a beautiful quilt kit for my birthday. A Petra Prins quilt. White box, tissue paper, fabrics held with a ribbon, the works. A stunning gift.

Up close
Naturally I was completely intimidated by the thing. And so it landed in a storage cupboard. Every once and a while I took out the box to look at all the pretties in there and you know, just say hello. In my mind, the quilt kit became more and more difficult and almost impossible for someone with my limited quilting knowledge........

Helper holding up the quilt, dog not really interested....
So, finally I decided it was time to tackle it! I was going on holiday and was in desperate need for some blocks to take with me. Trembling I took the box out of its cupboard and started.....

The pattern turned out to be- wouldn't you know - really easy. It took a few days to do all the drawing and cutting, but by then I had a very satisfying stack of blocks to complete. I just love it when there is a pile of pieces waiting to be turned in to blocks. I just have to pick up my bag and continue with some stitching. Heavenly! I took the blocks to The Gambia and actually stitched some there and on the plane!

The blocks came together with ease. They formed beautiful rows and the rows came together to make this fabulous quilt top!

It looks every bit as good as the box promised! And now, sandwiching and quilting!

Lots of love,



  1. This will turn out to a very beautiful quilt.
    Did you do it by hand? All of it??
    Love to see it quilted.
    regards from Sweden.

    1. Thank you so much! I love it too. I do all my piecing and quiltin by hand (fear for the sewing machine). I'm still quilting another (very big) quilt, almost finished...this one is next in line!