Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mystery Carrousel part 8

Pffffffew. Done. I had to cut all the pieces earlier, which turned out a really, really good idea. Since I was behind with my mystery, this was a great possibility to catch up. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of work. A lot, I am not kidding. BUT.....I'm finally done. Plenty of time till the next assignment (arriving next Thursday.....).

This is one of eight of these sets. That's right......EIGHT. That is a lot of pieces. Since I piece by hand (old fashioned I know, I know), pinning them to my trusty pillowcase proved difficult this time. I have a few bent pins to prove that theory. So I started thinking, I even had an idea to replace my pillowcase by something else. More on that later (I hope).

To prove that I actually finished all the sets, I'll show you this:
You'll trust me about the bigger ones, right? Difficult to photograph!

The little mystery had one block this month:

This elephant was then joined by the horsy and the carriage from earlier assignments. Now it looks like this:
 The picture is not that clear, but frankly....well fill in the rest!

As I said, the new block will be in my mail by Thursday, and I still have some other projects to work on!

Lots of love,


  1. Ohh, wat lig jij goed op schema, knap hoor! Geloof het graag dat het een heel werk was. Het zier er mooi uit! Groetjes, Annemarie

  2. Hoi Heleen,

    Sorry, maar de rijen zitten niet goed aan elkaar....kijk nog maar eens op mijn foto: er zitten steeds een lange en korte kant aan elkaar....helaas....niet klaar