Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The diet, an update

I have to be completely honest. I've managed to fall of the wagon a few times. Not hugely, but still. I fell of.

An example: I went to The Gambia in April. Since this diet makes you eat fresh, raw vegetables a lot I knew that was not going to happen. You can of course eat raw vegetables there, it's just that the weight loss will be a lot less comfortable. And so will your holiday! So I decided before the trip that the diet would not be a part of it. I managed to gain only a pound, so that was not that bad.

The biggest example: Last week I had a huge migraine attack and felt so sorry for myself that I had chinese food. Well, after the headache left the building and took the nausea with it that is. Then for desert - as you do - I needed ice cream.....

The day after, my niece turned 13 and my sister made here a cloud cake (chocolate and whipped cream, what is not to love!). I had promised myself a piece of that weeks ago, and so I did. And then the diner that day. It came from McDonalds, need I say more? Not on program...... Still, even with me stuffing my face with all the wrong things, I did not gain any weight. Mind you, I didn't loose any either....

To keep motivated, I reward myself with shopping money. If I stay on program the whole week, I get to put € 10,00 in my big jar. I'm really looking forward to the shopping trip after I'm done. All new clothes (the old ones really don't fit me any more, but this time in a good way!). Falling of the wagon means that I do not get that money. For some stupid reason, this really works for me. I want that money!

It is becoming more difficult now. The weight loss has slowed to a very gentle crawl now and is sometimes not there at all. I know this happens, but boy is it a pain in the ......well you know. Especially since I know I've got 10 kilograms (22 pounds/1,5 stone) to go! It gets a bit daunting for me. I'm starting to detest some of the stuff on the list (balsamic vinegar, yuck), but I find ways around it..... My body is opposed to almost all movement, so my exercise is made up with my very carefully build up physiotherapy exercises. It is not easy to balance the need for extra movement that way. Ah, well:  A diet is not supposed to be fun, right?

However, the day after the two days before I climbed back on the wagon. After all, I managed to loose 22 kilograms (48 pounds/3,4 stone) since January 31st. Not to shabby! And that is the most motivating thing of all. I am losing weight!

Lots of love,

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