Saturday, 4 June 2011

Absolute bliss

Yes it is, really, truly, utterly blissful. I always start of by thinking: "I will just quilt for five minutes". Usually I look up again about an hour later, with my head completely clear and some progress made on the completed product....Strangely I could care less about that progress.

 It is different from patchwork. There I do want to see the progress and the completed block. Same thing with the cutting of pieces in preparation for the patchwork. There is sense of urgency about those stages for me.

I will not start moaning about the sandwiching part again, but you all know how I feel about that one.... If not, just read all about it here.

It seems that all I do is racing to the finish line. I do enjoy it though. The whole process holds some very magical properties for me. Starting with a box of fabrics to touch (I do stroke fabric, I have to admit). All the preparations and then the sewing of the blocks, seeing the pattern take shape and imagining what it will be like.... It is all wonderful.

But for me, the quilting part is the most important and most amazing part of the process. Stitch by stitch the top and back almost magically change into a quilt. I just love it. So, I will say it again:
To me, it is truly bliss!

I wish all of you a blissful day!


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