Sunday, 5 June 2011

Disgruntled cat

My sweet little kitten has grown into a big and lovely cat. I tried all I could, but madame wants to be outside and explore the neighbourhood. This does not always goes to plan. On her birthday she got into a big fight with the cat living behind us. Cats do this regularly apparently....another thing to worry about.

In this case the - heroicly sustained - injury got infected and the infection spread to her joint. And all this in just a few days time and despite the keeping open of the wound and cleaning it.....

The visit to the vet was a piece of cake for us. Madame walks into the carrier (instead of some cats, that have fur, nails and teeth flying on those occasions), sits quietly in the carrier while dogs sniff the box and even brushes nicely against the vet. The pills she was to take were no problem either. As long as she gets a treat afterwards, she is willing to take the medicine without fuss.

However, it also meant she needed to stay indoors while the antibiotics did the trick...... A very disgruntled cat!

She is all better now and has celebrated the fact by catching her very first mouse! I am very proud of her, but did feel a bit sorry for the poor dead mouse.

Have a successful day!

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