Monday, 3 October 2011

Poor cat

My cat Loedertje has proven to be accident prone before. She falls of the fence, hits her head while jumping, rips her nails on trees, slips, well, you get the point. Usually it ends well.

There are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood and they don't like each other one bit. Usually this just means a lot of meowing at other cats (preferably nice and safe from inside the house). Sometimes a bit of growling and hissing will follow. Which sends our dogs to the garden to chase any other cat well away from "their" cat.

Sometimes, however, it comes to a fight. Claws, teeth and fur flying everywhere......And now we reach the problem. My cat isn't that good at fighting. She looses. Every time. Never won a fight yet.

Now most of the time, this just means that she comes running home with the disguise of a big ball of fur. Her tail has been known to swell up to three times it's usual size! She then proceeds to stalk around the house in a huff, slowly coming back down. This is all familiar territory. It happened last Thursday too. She did have some scraps and she lost her collar......again!

Last Friday, however, she was a little heap of misery. Didn't want to stand on her foot and made the most sorrowful noises ever heard. She did not want us to check on her scraps and made that very clear!

Naturally we took her to the vet. She turned out to have a big gash in one of her legs, an infection (in a DAY) and had probably been caught on something. So, injection, pills and a staple to close the gash. She will have to stay indoors for at least ten days now. Not an easy job for an outdoors cat! Lots of meowing, inspections of windows and doors (of course this had to happen in the ONLY week of wonderful weather we had this summer!)

Poor, poor cat! And - if just a little bit - poor us.....

Lots of love,


  1. You do not really appreciate cat induced stress unless you have had to keep a cat inside for three weeks. Our cat Roosje is well known in the street for her hunting skills. She cat averages 4 mice a night and even babyrabbits taste nice to her.

    She is also not good at fighting so she has had ample experience with infected wounds, almost always treated by draining the infection and inserting a drain, a yellow tube you have to keep turning to keep the wound clean. We call it a handle!

    The last injury was a sprained shoulder which resulted in the aforementioned three week ban on outdoor activities. She did not like that! After only two days our dog refused to stay at home with the cat and even the children started to avoid the cat after a week. Needless to say we were all very relieved when the three weeks were over.........

    Good luck!

  2. Ow, yes, how attached you can get to your cat.. Our fell out of a 4 story window at some time and we were so worried..