Saturday, 8 October 2011


Messy! See the picture on the board? That is the blueprint for Patch Parade. Isn't it beautiful?
I am. Messy that is. Really, really messy. My quilt stuff is all over the house. Which of course means that I have no idea what fabrics are actually in my possession at any given time. Now, this was manageable. Just. Until you need a pattern or a certain fabric.... But now I also have all kinds of stitchery stuff......Again all over the house. No idea what I have and what I need....

No idea what treasure is buried here...
Other stuff

I've been reading blogs lately that tell the story of a complete revamp and reorganisation of quilting spaces. They make me feel bad......I mean, just looking around here I slightly panic at the mere thought of tackling this mess. Besides....I don't have the time. I need to piece the top of the mystery Patch Parade together, I have to finish that wedding gift quilt. I have to do stitchery.......

It is really bad. I can find loads of excuses of course. Limited space (except in my head), I've been sick for a long time and - and this is a really good one - I do have this handicap! But all that isn't really the point. The point is that it is a big mess and I need to get it done. Now!

That is precisely the reason I post these pictures. I am shaming myself into it. I can just imagine the after pictures.......So lets get started!

Well, after I have nice cuddle with my cat that is......She is still injured and on medication, so she really needs me.......And yes, she is suckling on my hand. The lovely thing!

Lots of love,

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  1. Ik heb nét mijn hok opgeruimd. Wel lekker want je vind dan ook weer van alles dat kwijt was:) Jammer alleen dat het na een uur weer een troep was: een opgeruimde quilthok vraagt om activiteit nl.
    Ik vind jouw 'puinhoop" wel meevallen hoor. Als t er bij mij zó uitziet, ga ik echt nog niet ruimen!!
    Annemiek (die niet kan reageren met t google acount..)