Sunday, 2 October 2011

Party time!

My dear friend Petra owns a farm. A wonderful and peaceful place. On this farm they have donkeys, a camp site and a vineyard. Now that last one is unusual for the Netherlands. Not many vineyards around, specifically in this area. It took them a lot of research and tries to find the right grapes to grow in this climate. The vineyard was planted in 2007, so it is young. The donkeys do the mowing and the growing is done organically. Last year they were able to make enough wine to sell it.

Good wine too. I tasted it, it is delicious! Luckily the experts agree!  On September 25th (my birthday, but I am sure that was a coincidence), their white wine was awarded a Silver medal! I don't know all that much about wine or the making of wine, I am more of a taster. But apparently this is unheard of. People work for this type of medal for years and years. To receive a Silver for a first attempt is simply amazing.
So today, we celebrate!

They have kindly invited everyone is invited to come and taste their wine, see the vineyard, cuddle the donkeys and just party!

I'm off!
Lots of love,

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  1. Hallo Heleen, waar is deze boerderij?
    Deze wijn wil ik graag kopen voor mijn schoonvader, de wijnfanaat of vinoloog zoals sommigen hem noemen.
    Leuk een NL blogger te vinden die ook in 't Engels blogt ( en ook een zootje van de naaikamer kan maken)