Sunday, 3 April 2011

We're back

Well, actually we have been back for some time now.... I've just been doing other things. Like the preparations for The Gambia Day and The Africa Weekend. It is going to be aaaa (wait for it) mazing! The Gambia Day is filled with workshops (6 in total) that I really want to follow..... unfortunately there is only time to follow three! Luckily I am one of the initiators of the whole event, which means that I can get all the info I want! Lot's of foundations have registered, so we have a full house. But enough of that. I was going to tell you about my visit to wonderful Morocco. You really should not let met get sidetracked like that....

These are Petra's feet. Since I am a wheelchair user I always get to sit in front of the plane (extra leg room). Sometimes it comes in very handy! It was a short flight, we left on time and arrived early! No pictures of the ride to the hotel, since it was night (very, very late) when we arrived. The hotel (Riad) that we staid in was absolutely gorgeous. Quilt patterns everywhere I looked. 

The communal area. The roof opens! Well, when there is no rain that is....

Next to windows
I took loads of pictures of all the different patterns I encountered. I will not bore you with them. We hit the market, everything is colourful even in the rain (we had four full days of rain!). Even though my French (the first language in Morocco.....did not think of that) was really bad, everyone we encountered was friendly, patient and very, very polite. Hands and feet and lots of trial and error were sufficient to buy, buy, buy!

No real need then to say that we bought loads of stuff. Luckily we both only had a small suitcase (we were only going for four days, remember). We did not buy everything we saw, but we came close!

The real reason we thought up for travelling to Rabat was to meet the Dutch Ambassador for Morocco. He has been Ambassador for Senegal for years, he was the man to see about our Gambia Day. (To be honest we could have discussed all we needed to by using Skype. You have to agree that this was much, much better. )

The Ambassador proved extremely helpful and happened to be a wonderful man. We were even invited to his house. We learned that Morocco is in need of help too. Lots of it. Something not evident to us at first. The thing is, I really thought that Morocco was doing well. Never really thought about it. Worldaidunited has a second country to focus on!

Such a pretty site.
We discussed ways to improve developmental aid. The idea is to make the help more effective, efficient and transparent. It will not change the world just yet, but maybe we can make it a little bit better!

Morocco is definitely a country to visit again. After all, I only saw a little piece of it and it was raining constantly! Besides, I need to visit that market again....with bigger suitcases that is!

The market is covered by this beautiful roof.

Lots of love,

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  1. Hoi Heleen,
    Wat een ontzettende interessante reis hebben jullie gemaakt! Ik ben zelf een paar jaar geleden in Marrakech geweest en dat was ook een heel mooie en indrukwekkende ervaring.
    Dank je voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog. Om je gerust te stellen, in het weekend werk ik bijna nooit. Daarom doe ik door de weeks juist zo veel :)
    Fijn weekend
    Groetjes Michaja