Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Off we go!

Just a couple of hours to go.....and then it's off to Morocco! My bags have been packed (and isn't it amazing what you think you need for a couple of days!), the appointments have been made and now we are ready to go.

My peacefully sleeping cat has no idea yet, that will need some explaining when I get back.

One of the dogs is still blissfully unaware too....

The other dog knows full well what is going on when suitcases get packed....

And finally my project for the plane!

The flight takes only 3,5 hrs, so I don't expect to finish all 8 blocks. Maybe one.....and that will give me a great excuse to check out he local markets in Rabat for fabrics! Any advice?

I'll show you the pictures when I get back!

Lots of love,


  1. After your first email with news I could not resist this one: Crowded House used to sing it and now you have made it a reality. "Always take the weather with you".

    Don't buy all the fabrics. Remember you have to haul it back home, too! Lots of love from your older and wiser sister